We invest in relationships before we invest in companies.

We invest in you and you invest in operationally focused, aligned interests, shared purpose and successful partnerships!

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Our team is passionate and experienced in helping companies take their business to the next level.

We care about you, with all the experience we have and all the companies and entrepreneurs that have grown together, we roll up our sleeves alongside you. We are engaged and immersed into your business to solve problems, and create growth and opportunity.


Experienced, passionate professionals, that'll help you take your business to the next level.

Chad MacKay

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Andrew Van Noy


Grant Hanson

Operating Partner

Thomas Heuges

Operating Partner

Sam Brand

Senior Vice President

James B. Nelson

Operating Partner

Mark F. Hulet

Senior Vice President

John Wootton

Senior Vice President

Trenton Romph

Operating Partner

Jami Stout

Operating Partner

Dom Shipley

Technology Vice President

David Antley


Kevin A. Damoa


Investment Criteria

Accelerate Growth


Building a strong business is hard, we know. We are all in from day one with much more than just capital. We will work closely together to execute our Buy & Build approach.


People make the company and the company can make the difference!

Control Equity

We invest in control equity investments in lower to middle market business. With our hands-on approach, we invest with time, thought and extensive resources with strong initiatives.

Company Size

•EBITDA: $1m-$25m

Why choose us?



Our approach and strong management team will implement strategic initiatives that will build robust, predictable, growth revenue, low customer concentration, and low attrition.

What we look for

We partner with early-stage and well-established companies that are creative and innovative. Growing in opportunity, revenue ideas, processes and have wonderful progressive thinking with diverse opinions.


We take a specific approach for each company that we partner with. Typically we stay involved with an investment beyond 5 years. We want to make sure that we've charted a course for success well into the future.